Last month, I sat down and met with our featured Gateway Rotary Club member, Scott Michie, a member since 2015. I learned that this commercial banker with Heritage Bank grew up in west Olympia, graduating from Capital High School, then on to Western Washington University, graduating with an undergraduate degree in Economics. (Is it me or are there a few Vikings in our Club?) Some of the unique experiences of this father of 13-year-old Andrew, 5-year-old Asher and amazing fiancée of Sierra, include teaching pottery in Thailand, going on a running vacation and running a marathon in Jamaica and surfs or runs when not being with the family, working or being at Rotary.
A few years ago, Scott was invited to a Gateway Rotary meeting by fellow Gateway Rotarian, Jonathan Sprouffske, while working in the same building. After visiting a number of other Rotaries in the area, Scott took up Jonathan’s invitation and the rest Is history. He enjoyed the meeting that day, was impressed by the friendliness of the members, which influenced him becoming a member. He’s a great guy and looks forward to getting more involved with Rotary this year and giving back to the community. If you see Scott at one of our weekly Gateway Rotary Club meetings, say hi and sit at the table with him.