Dr. Raj Manhas, Superintendent of North Thurston Public School District, presented an update on the trends and accomplishments of the School District.  The results of students and teachers working together is apparent in the student achievement scores released in August by the state.  While their reading and writing student scores continue to meet or surpass the state, he noted recent significant gains this year in math and science.  Dr. Manhas updated the audience on the current financial status of the School District and reviewed the financial considerations that make up the upcoming levy proposal.  North Thurston Public Schools are facing an estimated reduction of more than $6 million in state and federal funding over the next two years.  The 2011-17 Capital Facilities Plan projects enrollment to be 17,745 in 2020 and nearly 20,000 by 2031.  The local levy is 22% of the district operating budget and supports comprehensive educational programs and helps pay for teachers.  The NTSD Board approved a 4-year, $128 million replacement levy ballot measure for February 14, 2012.