August 7, 2013ON THE ROAD TO WHISTLER with Peter Taylor | 2013-14 District Governor. The DG stopped by Gateway Rotary during his "whistle stop" tour of District 5020. He presented President Mike B with his very own Whistler Whistle and showed off what was under his dress shirt. (We're not going to give it's worth waiting for the surprise!)


We were disappointed that DG Pete's wife Kristine could not join use. She was readying for District 5020 Governor Visits Phase II on July 29th when she slipped on some wet pavement, fell, and fractured her femur. DG Pete informs us that she is in good spirits, will miss visiting Rotary clubs, and is bearing up under the disappointment of not being able to listen the DG speech again (and again, and again)! :-)

We love DG Pete at Gateway Rotary because he gets our jokes and can share his own radio stories that compete with Jerry Farmer's. Pete reminded us all to get to work as we Engage Rotary and Change Lives! For DG Pete's sake, we will!!

Thanks for a wonderful visit!! Here's to Kristine's healing and seeing her back on the tour soon!


Under The DG's Shirt - Surprise!!