Posted by Trudy Soucoup on Apr 02, 2018
Join us on 04.04.18 to hear Kim Young share the mission of local wolf sanctuary, Wolf Haven International
04.02.18 - Trudy Soucoup
Wolf Haven International, located in Tenino, WA, has been a nonprofit sanctuary for captive-born, displaced wolves for more than 35 years. Many are familiar with Wolf Haven because they’ve been a guest on a guided sanctuary visit, but may not be fully aware of the organization’s education, outreach, conservation and advocacy work. Kim Young will present an overview of this nationally and internationally accredited wolf sanctuary.
Kim Young is the Director of Communications at Wolf Haven International, a wolf sanctuary and education center in Tenino, WA. She has worked at Wolf Haven for over nine years and has lived with her husband Jeff in their Tumwater home for the past 18 years.