Posted by Jerry Wilkins on Jun 25, 2020
This is a Group Email to Gateway Nation, and I apologize, but since we don't have a chance to meet in person, this will be longer than I would prefer it to be:
I expect this will be my last email in this role.  I hope you will be able to join us at this coming Wednesday morning’s meeting at 0700.  In addition to a fantastic program with speaker Sheriff John Snaza, we will be honoring the outgoing board, welcoming Janine Ezzell as her presidency commences, and handing out our prestigious annual awards to members of Gateway Nation.
This is an important time to recognize the hard work that several folks put into this club.  Whether it be organizing meetings, fundraisers, the BBB, service projects, literacy projects, or vocational programs, it takes time and energy, mostly behind the scenes, to make it successful.  Your board of directors and committee chairs offer much of that energy and have done a great job this year, especially handling the new COVID crisis.  These folks have raised their hands and taken on many thankless roles demonstrating service above self.  In normal times, we hold an enjoyable dinner with frivolity and fellowship.  However, those times are on hold for now.  I hope you can join our Zoom meeting Wednesday to give appreciation to their work and join me in thanking them.
To keep with Gateway tradition, we are going to ask each board member to sign a children’s book that we are donating as part of our literacy program.  As such, I have purchased and will donate books this year and will be announcing their titles as they match with board members at Wednesday’s meeting.
Here are the board members from 2019-2020 who will be recognized:
Youth Protection Officer David Bangart
Youth Services Committee Chair Nathan Magee
Social Committee Chair Crystal Zabala
Vocational Committee Chair Grace Kendall
Public Image Committee Chair Troy Kirby
Membership Committee Chair Shannon Glenn
Literacy Committee Chair Laurie Carroll
Foundation Committee Chair Nate Peters
Club Administration Committee Chair John DeHan
Club Service Committee Chair and Director Doug Mah
Immediate Past President Kim Bauman
Sergeant-at-Arms Madelin White
Treasurer Michael Jones
Secretary Jerry Wilkins
Vice President Amanda Vey
President Elect Janine Ezzell
Additionally, we will be presenting our annual awards for 2019-2020:
Tom and Jerry Award – Presented by last year’s winner Jim Mack
President’s Award – Presented by this year’s President
Service Above Self Award – Presented by this year’s President
Rotarian of the Year – Presented by this year’s President
Lastly, we will have Assistant Governor Bill McGregor induct our officers for 2020-2021.
In addition to thanking our board, there are so many others who deserve special recognition.  I will miss someone and I apologize in advance, but I did want to recognize the following:
Earlier this year when we were in person, our set-up required three people to come early and put everything together.  This included setting up the banners, spotting the microphone, and ensuring the electronics were ready.  I’d like to thank and recognize Jerry Farmer, Ed Johnson, and Troy Kirby for their consistency and dependability.
Additionally, I appreciate the ending of each of our meetings including the raffle.  As we switched to Zoom meetings, I decided to keep this FUN and energetic portion of our meetings to keep some sense of normalcy.  I want to thank Lowell Gordon for his continued role at showing us that we are all winners and Martin McElliott for filling in during his absence.
I’d like to thank all the greeters this year, but want to highlight two familiar faces who were either at the administration table or at the entranceway to the bar.  Thank you Mike Robbins and Curt Vaniman for making everyone feel welcomed.
I would also like to thank our past presidents: Tom, Mike, Jonathan, Jerry, Eric, Jeff, and Kim.  You continue to be great ambassadors for Gateway Rotary and were always there to support the leadership team in place this year.  Thank you.
I'd like to thank the presidents from the other regional clubs as well as the Area 13 Assistant Governor Bill McGregor and District 5020 Governor Mo Fritz-Roberts for their leadership and patience in answering my questions.
As current leadership continues to discuss next steps for COVID and considerations for coming together again, we have to make recognition and considerations for this year’s board over Zoom and not in person.  I cannot thank everyone above enough and hope you will be there Wednesday to pass your best as well.  If YOU want to take a leadership role in this club, I say DO IT.  You get a chance to directly impact your community for the greater good.
So a quick recap:
Thanks again to everyone for a FUN year.  At the first meeting in July, I gave my vision for the year as “growing an uncommon club focused toward extraordinary results” and had three goals of Highlighting Membership Engagement, Increasing Community Awareness, and Branding Rotary Regionally.  We have gone from 114 members to nearly 130 with many participating in one or more committees.  Through our record setting BBB, partnership with the Lacey Food Bank, and over several different types of service projects, we have increased community awareness in Gateway Rotary as seen through our nomination by the South Sound Chamber of Commerce.  Through speaker programs and partnerships with other clubs, we have made some progress at branding Rotary in our region.  We have so much more to do, and we are in great hands moving forward as Janine and Amanda take over as President and President Elect for this year.  But I do feel we remain a unique and uncommon club that is succeeding with implementing extraordinary results.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to humbly thank Gateway Rotary for the FUN opportunity of serving as President over this year.  I truly consider it one of the greatest jobs I have ever had and am sad in some ways to see the year come to an end.  I will continue to serve the club in whatever capacity I can and look forward to being a somewhat quiet voice in the background as we move forward.  Thank you once again and I hope to see you on Wednesday.
Best Regards,
Len Faucher
President, Gateway Rotary Club