We have such cool members at Gateway Rotary Club; one of them is new member Cameron Wilson. Joining our Club in February, he’s a commercial real estate broker for The Rants Group, where he helps small business find location for their business, helps landlords get tenants for their commercial spaces. He’s been in the business since he was 19 years old and has never looked back.
He moved here three years ago from Las Vegas with his wife, Jessie, and their 3 dogs, and loves Washington State and Olympia. He loves hiking, backpacking, camping and fishing, and has a group of friends he does a 40+ mile hike annually. He loves USC and attends the big Stanford game with his friend, a Stanford alumni, every year.
One of the coolest things about Cameron is that he loves the area and believes Olympia is on the verge of something special. He believes it has a tremendous opportunity in redevelopment, especially Downtown Olympia, for people to work and live. Together, he and his wife want to invest in their community and grow here.
Gateway Rotary is Cameron’s first involvement with Rotary and looks forward to getting more involved over time. It’s so fun to meet and see our fellow Rotarians in a more personal light and look forward to seeing more of him at our meetings and activities.