Everyone is interesting if you just take the time to meet with someone and ask what they’re about. I had the awesome pleasure of taking time to sit with Gateway Rotary Incoming President Janine Ezell to find out what she’s about.For starters, she was born and raised in Olympia, attended Capital High School, then South Puget Sound Community College and completed the CTE Santa Rosa Law Enforcement Academy program. Her career endeavors include a buying Tiffany Jewelry for Talcott’s, a stint at Key Bank, a land developer, then 9 years with Chicago Title. She is currently state-certified in Washington to teach classes for lenders, agents and lenders. She’s married to husband “O” for 4 years and has a son, Jace.
This community-minded professional currently serves in a variety of leadership roles, including Vice President of Gateway Rotary (soon Incoming President!) and Secretary of the Yelm Real Estate Business Network. Her main passions are affordable housing availability for everyone, regardless of socio-economic status and literacy, especially for adults. 
A couple of little-known things about Janine is that she has a degree in law enforcement and that Doug Mah swore her in as President of the Olympia Master Builders. She loves mac and cheese, loves Halloween because she loves to dress up (and see others dress up too!) and when not working, you're likely to find her volunteering somewhere, helping someone or working. 
Janine joined Gateway Rotary because, at the time, she was already selling poinsettias and hot dogs as a Rotarian for 16 years, and it was modeled to her through her parents, who were members of the Tumwater Rotary. In fact, she and her mom were the 1st mother-daughter team to be in Rotary in the area. As a Gateway Rotarian, she wants every member to have the feeling of overwhelming fellowship at every meeting and impart the aura of positivity through the Club members and its impact on the community.