October 30, 2013 -  Gateway Rotary welcomed Mike Erickson to the club.  Mike is sponsored by Al Eckroth.  Mike was born and raised in Aberdeen, WA where he attended school and worked for the family business, Harbor Wholesale Foods, which was founded by his grandfather in 1923.  Working for his father and an uncle, Mike and his brother represented the third generation of family ownership.  Mike met his wife Janet while attending the local community college and upon graduation they married and started their family, raising two sons.  They moved their families, plus fifteen employees, and the business to Tumwater, WA in 1985 as a strategic move to gain market share throughout Washington State and into Oregon.   Today they have 275 employees with their headquarters in Lacey, WA and a distribution center in Roseburg, OR serving both states and northern California


Mike states, "Throughout my forty-five year career I have worn many hats as is common for businesses that are experiencing rapid growth, but would have to say, I really enjoyed the time spent working as our Director of Sales & Marketing."  Mike is currently serving as Chairman of The Board at Harbor Wholesale and serves on the board of directors of The Washington Food Industries Association."

This year Harbor Wholesale Foods is celebrating their 90th year in business and are excited to see the fourth generation family members leading the charge.

Welcome Mike to Gateway the next time you see him!



Mike Erickson