Gateway Rotary Club is fortunate to have such a diverse membership, including a number of veterans. Nate Magee is one our awesome vets who came to us 2 years ago, after retiring from the Army, and is an active member of Gateway.
Interestingly enough, he was born in California, then his family went oversees to Korea for a few years. During his teenage years, he lived in Redlands, California, where he graduated from Redlands High School and enlisted in the Army. Some interesting facts about this community-minded Saint Martin’s University undergraduate is that he lived at least half his life overseas, enjoys cucumber kim chee, his best vacation was with his kids 13 years ago and loves Christmas because society is generally in a better mood and its’ such a festive time of year. When he’s not helping out with Rotary, it’s more than likely we can find him helping others, cleaning, gardening (bulbs, perennials) and helping out at his mom’s house. A couple of the craziest things he’s done include clinging to rocks with a couple of buddies while 15-foot waves pounded on them (never thinking it was dangerous!) and being elevated 70 feet up so he could replace a light bulb!
He joined Gateway Rotary because while he was attending a ceremony as an alumnus at Saint Martin’s University for new science building, he met Kathleen Thomas and she invited him to visit a meeting. His prior knowledge of Rotary was its work with eradicating polio and exchange student program. As a Gateway Rotary Club member, he would like to make the community better by connecting opportunities and align efforts with other community organizations. One of the things he appreciates about Gateway Rotary Club of Lacey is how, as a club, we are trying to change our culture, from a traditional old boys’ network, to one that’s more open to new ideas, new thoughts and new ways to look at issues in society, as well as coming up with (and implementing) solutions. We appreciate Nate's work with the Youth Services Committee and our Gateway Rotary's Interact Club.