It’s great to get to know our Gateway Rotary Club members, but because we are all so busy, it can take a while. It was a pleasure to interview my Gateway Rotary Club Membership sponsor, Doug Mah, and get to him a little, as well as learn more about his involvement with our Club’s community and the community at-large.
Born in Spokane, but raised in Bellevue Washington, Doug attended Interlake High School, then later Western Washington University (Go Vikings!). He has a BA in Sociology, with a focus on Criminal Justice, and a MA with a focus on Demography. During his first stint in public service, he was a Western Washington University (Western) police officer. He later went on to serve in State government for 24 years, and on the Olympia city council for 10 years including Mayor 4, before starting his own business as a Management and Public Affairs consultant. He’s always had a heart for his community, has served on a number of Boards and currently serves on four.
His most important and ardent supporters are his wife, Cathy, whom he met while working for the State, and daughter Heather, who recently graduated from Western. Some interesting facts you may not know about Doug is that before politics, he play drums barefoot in a blues band, his favorite side dish is risotto, enjoys cooking, as well as eating, and his craziest endeavor was running for City Council. He joined Gateway Rotary because Tom Carroll invited him and has been serving as Chair of the Service Committee and is a member of the Gateway Rotary Board of Directors. One of the things he’d like to accomplish, as a Gateway Rotarian, is to see Gateway Rotary Club contribute and be part of a significant legacy project.
Thank you, Doug, for your service to our community and to Gateway Rotary Club.