September 26, 2012 - District Governor Judy Byron (District 5020) visited Gateway Rotary this morning.  Bryon, a resident of Sidney, BC (Vancouver Island), became a Rotarian through her experiences in the Rotary Group Study Exchange program to India in 1998.  She has been active in Rotary ever since.

Of particular interest to certain members of Gateway, DG Byron retired as a Program Officer of the Correctional Services of Canada after 23 years of working with the incarcerated male offenders.  Her soft spoken presentation did not reflect a stereotype of someone used to working within that area of occupation!  (Strangely, this too was observed by some... Like, how would they know?!)

DG Byron congratulated Gateway Rotary on being a 100% Paul Harris Club, as three members were recognized today (see the September Photo Album off the homepage). Further she reflected on the importance of individual clubs to drive Rotary - as grass roots approach - as opposed to one mandated by the District.  Byron also talked about the importance of the New Generations program and of attracting new members.  She noted this was apparently not the case for Gateway, but that the District's Membership Chair was Jerry Obendorf, just up the road in Shelton.

At the end of her presentation, DG Byron thank Gateway to be the only club that has asked her to join their club

What would be more fun that that?

Thank you, DG Byron, for the visit.  We look forward to your return!