Posted by Raymond Moeller on Oct 18, 2017
10.18.17 - Weekly Membership Meeting
If Gateway Rotary is to be considered a dynamic, youthful, and growing club, one of our newer members demonstrates why.
Nate Peters is currently the manager for St Martin’s Annual Giving Program. This role at St Martin’s has been achieved before Nate was thirty years old.
Nate attended Tumwater High school where an interest for service developed and played out at SPSCC where he worked in fundraising for that college’s Foundation while attending school. He completed college at Eastern Washington University with a major in Visual Communications with a minor in Journalism. While there, working with groups providing service found him President of the Sigma Fi Epsilon Fraternity.
His relationship to the fraternity led to an educational opportunity that was wide-ranging while he served as a consultant and regional director for the fraternity. He had opportunities to travel and study at multiple sites in the Midwest. He was able to develop skills in Human Resource Management and Budget working in that role.
The work in Midwest found him associated with Cleveland State University; workshops in association with that institution found him in both New York City and Boston.
He has filled his role at Saint Martin’s for the last half-year and finds the work rewarding. Reflecting on his hard work in the time before coming here, he finds motivation in a memorial brick noted at Wake Forest: “Make an Impact that Lasts.”