Posted by Karen Barr on Dec 06, 2017
12.06.17 - Karen Chang Barr
Lacey, Washington is home to many United States Veterans and Gateway Rotary is proud to have several members with this title. Among them is Michael Steadman, a business owner and Lacey City Council Member.
A husband of a teacher and father of two, this Marine believes that commerce is the starting point for many things. He is fan of fun, sports and is a thrill-seeker at heart (why else would one get into politics???). Men he admires most include his Uncle and cousin, who taught him to be a man, and Billy Franks Jr. and George Sharp who are examples of men who created something out of nothing.
His motto and strong belief: “do things the government can’t do.” 
It’s a joy and informative when Gateway Rotarians give their Classification Talks. Thank you, Michael, for helping us learn more about you today.