Posted by Karen Barr on Feb 07, 2018
Dan Weiss - A Long History of Service...and Fun!
02.07.2018 - Karen Chang Barr
Our Rotary Club is growing steadily! Current and new members have interesting histories we get to enjoy hearing about each week, including new Gateway Rotarian Dan Weiss.
Beginning in Seattle, his mother met his father at the USO Club during World War II. The family settled in Tacoma, where and his younger brother were raised, and graduated from the old historic Stadium High School. He actually had a class in one of the towers, which was a hot, stuff experience.
Following graduation, he attended Western Washington University, marrying Mary during senior year, and moved back down to the South Sound to work in a CPA firm. Shortly thereafter, he was recruited by The Evergreen State College, where he enjoyed a great career. There, he met and served under the most influential leader of the time, former Governor and Senator Dan Evans. Years later, by Allied Data, which later became Illuminet, a company that enabled independent telcom companies get service.
His biggest accomplishment there was participating in developing and offering an IPO. His community service included serving on the Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County, Lacey Rotary and Harlequin Productions. Involvement with Rotary has given him opportunities he would otherwise have not experienced.
Glad to have you aboard at Gateway Rotary Dan!