Posted by Jerry Wilkins on Mar 30, 2020
Fellow Gateway Rotarians,
Our club is a vivid example of how connectivity is important for our society.  Perhaps like me, you may find yourself recharged and energized through meeting fellow Gateway Rotarians at our weekly meetings.  Social distancing and adhering to guidelines provided by government officials and our medical community will hopefully flatten the curve and shorten the effects from this coronavirus pandemic.  However, that social distancing has removed the connection that each of us so desperately needs.
Gateway Rotary hopes to provide some connection by welcoming folks to participate in online Zoom meetings beginning this Wednesday, April 1st.  This will be a different format and will most likely involve a few unrehearsed glitches.  But it is a way for us to get together, share ideas, and exercise some type of fellowship through these challenging times.  Please watch for an email from our President Elect Janine explaining how to sign in. 
In addition to weekly meetings, Gateway will explore other ways to connect and encourage you all to do the same.  Please look at ClubRunner and call a friend to find out how someone is doing.  If you are looking for ways to help, find someone who might need your help.  If you are in need of something, ask your fellow Rotarians.  Gateway will also be looking at ways of having other “socials” online and please keep an eye open for our activity on Facebook.  Please also watch for committee meeting invites from committee chairs.  Through these strange times, let’s find other ways to rekindle connections.
So I do hope to see as many of you as possible this Wednesday, same time 0700. Our program will include the following:
Len – What is Gateway Rotary doing these days?
Dr. Randy Moeller – Update on COVID-19
In line with what the Governor has requested, we have officially cancelled all in person April meetings.  Instead, we hope this new format of Zoom meetings will be a FUN way to move forward.
I am hoping we can have some happy moments to brighten our daily lives.
Thank you again for all you do, and please watch for Janine’s email.
Best Regards,
Len Faucher
President, Gateway Rotary Club